Keep the Power On With Homerun Electric

Cool off with a hose fan or attic fan installation

It doesn’t matter if you own your home or you’ve requested a tenant improvement, Homerun Electric can help you keep your home cool. We can install house fans and attic fans in your home to circulate cool air.

For more information on our fan installation services, call our electrician today in Rocklin, CA at 916-899-2914.

Schedule residential electrical services in Rocklin, CA

Hire one of our residential electricians for all your electrical needs in Rocklin, CA. Our licensed electricians at Homerun Electric can tackle all your electrical installations, repairs and replacements for you. We work with a variety of different residential properties, including:

Rentals – we work with tenants and property managers

Custom homes – we repair and replace custom electrical work

New construction – we handle electrical work in brand new homes

Call 916-899-2914 today to schedule an appointment.