Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Schedule commercial electrical services for your business

If you’re a property owner in Rocklin, CA, you know the importance of having a reliable commercial electrician on speed dial. Our electricians at Homerun Electric can repair panels, outlets, wires and circuits. We also offer electrical replacement services.

Make sure your property is using energy efficiently by scheduling routine maintenance. We’ll check all your electrical work at least twice of year to cut back on repairs.

Call Homerun Electric at 916-899-2914 today for more information on our commercial electrical services.

5 benefits of commercial lighting retrofits in Rocklin, CA

LED lighting is the perfect solution for your business operations. Choose Homerun Electric to install LED lighting to help you:

Save money

Increase productivity

Reduce energy bills

Reduce wasted energy

Decrease lighting maintenance

To learn more about our commercial lighting retrofits, call Homerun Electric at 916-899-2914 today.